The secret behind Hybrid Building Services’ exponential growth comes down to flexibility, competitive pricing, high quality service and solid relationships with industry, says Hybrid’s Kennedy Ruhnau.


Delivering medium-to-large projects in Australia since 2012, Hybrid Building Services has been going from strength to strength. The company has enjoyed
rapid expansion in key states of New South Wales and South Australia, delivering on numerous landmark multi-residential developments in both Sydney and Adelaide.

Specialising in the supply and installation of shower screens, splashbacks and wardrobes, Hybrid is becoming widely known for its ability to coordinate with
clients and provide value managed options.“Where our clients are faced with tight budget constraints and lead times, as well as complex project needs, we
have the ability to work closely with themto deliver quality outcomes that are realistic,” says Hybrid’s National Manager Kennedy Ruhnau. “Our greatest strength is that we are fast moving, efficient and flexible to many needs.”

Meanwhile in South Australia, Hybrid has been awarded the last four major residential development projects in Adelaide based
on its relationships and ability to deliver on time and to budget. Hybrid is also currently supplying and installing shower screens to Central Adelaide, the newest multi-residential development to go up in Adelaide by Watpac Constructions.

Hybrid is hard at work preparing for 2017 when it will begin work on its largest South Australian project to date – The Holiday Inn, the much talked about 245 room ‘express’ hotel development, with building and construction company ADCO.

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There’s a Super Tower boom happening in down-town Melbourne, and Novas has been at the forefront of the top multi-residentialdevelopments sending the CBD skyline rocketing.


The Super Tower boom is reaching new heights, nowhere more evident than
the rapid transformation taking place in the Melbourne CBD’s Elizabeth
Street precinct.

There’s the undulating Elenberg Fraser-designed Light House, and the
golden fins of Empire are rising rapidly. And, as a supplier for the ‘Big Five’ –
Vision Tower, Victoria One, Light House, EQ and Empire, Novas is at the
forefront of this Super Tower hub.

Thanks to strong and long-standing relationships built over more than two decades with the industry’s top commercial builders including Brady Construction,
Probuild and Multiplex, Novas has supplied these iconic towers with a range of custom and fit-to-purpose Novas Architectural Door Furniture and Novas Luxe Bathware.

“Architecture firms Elenberg Fraser, Rothelowman, Hayball and DKO are leading the way in Super Tower design and Novas is proud to work closely
alongside their teams to ensure their design intent is always maintained, right down to the finest architectural details,” says Novas’ Marketing Manager, Beverley Meagher.

While the developments are large scale, it is this collaboration in bespoke detail which is pioneering a new approach to multi-residential design, never compromising on empathy and amenity for the end user and developer.

“Our buildings might appeal on the surface with interesting facades,” says Elenberg Fraser Associate, Jeremy Schluter,“ but when you drill into the plans, they are highly evolved, intricately planned, and meticulously resolved in terms of storage, apartment depth and quality of living.”

Novas has worked with Elenberg Fraser to provide custom-designed door handles for both Lighthouse and EQ – the latter, a super tower of 633 apartments situated around the corner on A’Beckett Street.

Also recently completed is Vision Tower, the eighth tallest building in Melbourne. Here Novas worked closely with Brady Construction’s in-house design team to produce door furniture and tapware in custom white finishes, to enhance the monochromatic colourway throughout the tower

“These stand as shining examples of the outstanding quality of design detailing that is going into these premier developments,” says Meagher. “Novas is extremely proud to be working with the country’s leading architects and commercial builders in setting new benchmarks for quality in multi-residential living in Australia.”

Keep an eye out for the following iconic Super Towers as they join Melbourne’s ever-evolving city skyline. Visit the projects page of localhost/novasinteriors to view our other recent work.

Lighthouse, 450 Elizabeth St
Client: Elenberg Fraser with Multiplex

Empire, 398 Elizabeth St
Client: Hayball with Probuild

Victoria One, 452 Elizabeth St
Client: Elenberg Fraser with Probuild

Vision, 500 Elizabeth St
Client: Peddle Thorpe with Brady Constructions

EQ Tower, 127 A’Beckett St
Client: Elenberg Fraser with Multiplex




Novas teams up with PDG, Elenberg Fraser and Disegno for the Royal Elizabeth in Melbourne. It’s a journey that has been, for Disegno, “true testament to the strength of our working partnership”.

March/April 2016

A glimmering figure in the Melbourne skyline, PDG’s latest project the Royal Elizabeth intends on being a grandiose fixture that brings a little bit of greenery into the city’s heart.

Inspired by the romantic Australian notion of the wilderness and lush eucalyptus trees, the Royal Elizabeth features a rippling exterior of varied aluminium balustrade screening designed to reflect the sun as it moves from east to west. In five different shades of green, the screening replicates the image of foliage interspersed with bronze-glazed glass that peaks out from between the leaves.

Designed by Elenberg Fraser and Disegno, and developed by PDG, the building has been modelled with a clear eco-friendly ethos along with its strong green-inspired design. The Royal Elizabeth’s 20th floor aims to foster a sense of community, being a space for residents to gather, relax and enjoy the rooftop view.

For the interior fit-out, Disegno has worked with many of its long-term partners – including Novas, with whom they have an extensive history of collaborating. “Both PDG and Novas share the same ethos and values, driven by passion and anchored by quality. The fact that Novas is still on the journey with us in this latest project is a true testament to the strength of our working partnership,” says CJ Koay of Disegno.

Disegno has paid careful attention to every aspect of the design of the Royal Elizabeth – highly conscious of the way in which every small detail can impact the ultimate atmosphere and design of a project. With Novas Architectural, Disegno elected to use the Novas 72 Lever in Satin Stainless Steel, citing the lever’s “organic nature and fluid form – its design sensibility as well as its nod to the architecture”.

The lever is slim, with an ergonomically graceful shape, contributing to the Royal Elizabeth’s, “emphasis on liveability and [treatment of] the communal areas as an extension of the apartments where residents can expand their horizons beyond their private realms”.

Browse the Novas Architectural lever range, click here.





Door Seals


Novas expands its product offering to include Novas Door Seals, providing a seamless project installation experience.

March 2016

With Novas’ extensive and varied door furniture range, the introduction of the Novas Door Seal range allows customers and clients to source a complete door opening solution that will see their projects through from beginning to end.

The idea of total service provision is at the core of Novas’ door furnishing range and Novas Door Seals are specifically designed to respond to market demand while also simplifying the project installation process.

Applying its extensive industry knowledge and experience, Novas found that Automatic Door Bottom Seals and Perimeter Door Seals account for 80 per cent of door seals sold into the building market. “It quickly became evident that there was great demand for high quality, efficient and reliable products for this category,” says Novas’ Marketing Manager Beverley Meagher.

DoorSeals 1


Working closely with their manufacturers, Novas has developed the Novas Door Seals range to meet both Novas and Australian industry standards. “Novas Door Seals are designed to meet some of the most rigorous international standards and building codes,” comments Beverley. “As a frequent supplier of large-scale apartment projects, we intimately understand industry and regulation compliance, making our Novas Door Seals a practical choice for projects.

“The range forms an integral part of any commercial or apartment entry, protecting occupants from the elements, smoke, noise and fire.”

Novas Door Seals are available in standard sizes with door sets, including Automatic Door Bottom Seals and Perimeter Door Seals in a clear anodised finish. By constantly expanding its product range and innovating in product design, Novas continues to supply high quality products to provide a seamless project experience.

Browse the Novas Door Seal range, click here.







Setting a new benchmark for boutique accommodation in Adelaide – right down to the blackened steel door details – the Mayfair Hotel revives the glamour of travel in a grand historic building.

March 2016

Housed within the 1930s former Colonial Mutual Life building, the Mayfair Hotel has been designed with a respect for the heritage of the building, infusing 1930s charm into the new 4.5 Star, 170-room contemporary hotel.

Bates Smart worked with local architects JPE Design Studio on the project and its handsome centrepiece – an elegant ribbon stair of black steel that spirals through the atrium void. Complementing the stair and other black steel details is door hardware in a unique, newly released Blackened Steel finish, developed and produced by Novas Architectural.

“This was the first project we have worked on using our new Blackened Steel finish,” says Nick Carpinelli, Novas’ Architectural Construction Manager SA/NT. “Through many meetings with JPE and consultations with Bates Smart in Melbourne, we looked through the scope of works and came up with options for the door furniture and a hardware schedule.”


Available exclusively from Novas, Blackened Steel has a patina that softens over time to provide a subtle black finish with a depth of character unlike widely used coated and painted black finishes. The unique look is achieved using a black oxide process which coats and permeates the stainless steel while leaving the metal’s fine grain showing through.

The contemporary lever handles in the subtle new finish proved the perfect detailing for the hotel’s elegant blend of old and new. This theme of historical meets contemporary continues throughout the fit-out with chevron patterning from the external façade referenced through the interior joinery detailing. Metalwork from the original windows is reflected through the steel balustrades and glazed partitions to the new triple-height atrium space.

A luxurious executive lounge with the ambience of an exclusive club has been created within the top-floor’s exposed roof structure, while the adjacent roof terrace provides the perfect setting for cocktails while watching the sun set over the City of Churches.

For more information on Novas’ Blackened Steel finish, scroll on below.






Nick Carpinelli discusses growth within the South Australian apartment market and how Novas’ multi-package approach benefits developers, architects and builders.

February 2016

Nick Carpinelli knows a lot about door hardware, having started in the hardware industry at the age of 16 and worked his way up to his current position as Architectural Construction Manager SA/NT for Novas Interiors.

“In South Australia, Novas Interiors are predominantly strong in the apartment market, office buildings and high-end residential,” says Nick. “However, the Adelaide market has been very flat over the past four to five years, there hasn’t been the volume seen in Melbourne and Sydney. That’s about to change. There’s a lot of projects now in the approval stage and many coming out of the ground.”

According to Nick, the key driver lifting the Adelaide apartment market is overseas investors and an influx of overseas students requiring housing.

“People overseas feel safe sending their children to Adelaide to study at our universities,” says Nick, “and are buying apartments for them to live in. Consequently, a number of Asian developers are also entering the market.”

With the Adelaide apartment market quite literally on the rise, Novas Interiors offers competitive advantages of flexibility, customisation and well-priced packages with a mix of products, including new door seals.

Unique within the Australian construction and design industry, Novas Interiors enables industry professionals to source and coordinate a diversity of products and services for their complex projects using a single supplier.

“Developers, builders and architects like dealing with us because we are flexible and easy to deal with,” says Nick. “We offer a broad mix of products that make administration easier. The less suppliers they have to deal with, the happier they are all around.”

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Novas news


Lever 36 web


Novas’ new Blackened Steel with its soft patina and hints of metal grain, is taking the door furniture market by storm.

February 2016

Blackened Steel is a unique addition to the Novas range of architectural door furniture. Developed and produced exclusively by Novas, Blackened Steel falls into the ‘Living Finish’ category, its patina softening over time to provide a subtle black finish.

Black has become firmly established as a popular accent colour across interiors both residential and commercial. Responding to this demand with an innovative and enduring solution, Novas’ in-house developed Blackened Steel finish allows you to extend your design vision right through to your door furniture.

Lever 31 web

“Thanks to its unique appearance Blackened Steel coordinates well with natural holistic materials such a timbers, stones, wool, glass, water and earth, which makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of contexts including residential, commercial, hospitality and more,” says Novas Interiors’ marketing manager, Beverley Meagher.

Appearing very differently to the widely used coated and plated black finishes, Blackened Steel reveals a depth of character in its finish, the metal’s fine grain peeking through beneath the blackened finish. This unique look is achieved using a black oxide process which coats and permeates the stainless steel to give it that living finish appeal.

Already Blackened Steel can be seen in a range of multi-density and commercial retail projects nationally, the growing demand for this exclusively developed finish confirming that to lead by design is to lead with innovation and vision.

Browse the Novas Architectural door hardware range, click here.







Novas and Deicorp join forces for another year, to support children living with cancer and their families.

January 2016

For more than a decade, Novas has worked together with Deicorp to supply architectural hardware on industry-leading projects and, for much of that time, we’ve also actively contributed to Deicorp’s Camp Qualtity EsCARpade drive.

For this annual charity event, Team Deicorp gathers its special fleet of vehicles to travel for eight days around rural Australia, raising awareness of the impact that cancer has on the lives of small children and their families.

“After being a major sponsor for another entrant, it was in 2007 that I realised I had a part to play in giving something back,” says Deicorp’s construction manager, Jason Deiri. “That year (2007) we helped raise $40,000 and the following we further contributed a tremendous $80,000 (with the help of our donors).”


Deicorp has continued to push the benchmark, raising more than $1.4 million to date. In 2016, Deicorp celebrates 10 years of involvement with Camp Quality EsCARpade and Novas is extremely proud to be able to actively support both Deicorp and Camp Quality.

With approximately 16,500 children living with cancer in Australia every year, Camp Quality’s aim is to provide every child living with cancer and their family with equal access to vital programs nationwide.

“The money raised through Camp Quality EsCARpade supports Camp Quality to continue delivering essential services that provide better quality of life for those children and their families,” says Novas’ NSW Project Development Manager, Nathan Robertson.

“This kind of community spirit and compassion helps to make significant and measurable difference to the lives of those less fortunate and makes us at Novas very proud partners of Deicorp,” says Nathan.

Read more about Camp Quality, click here.




Brass house hero


As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail, and at Novas we’re sticklers for beautiful architectural details! We chat with the like-minded team at Rothelowman, who are aficionados of design quality.

January 2016

Associate Interior Design at Rothelowman, Roberta Tessarolo, has noticed a growing awareness among developers, as well as home buyers, for quality design in multi-residential interiors. “They are becoming so much more savvy about what they want in an apartment,” says Roberta. With that closer attention to detail comes new demand for intelligent design solutions – improved storage, bespoke details, custom designs that fit the need and the space.

With this attention to the finer details comes a greater focus on the finishing touches – such as architectural door furniture and joinery. Here, says Roberta, the style has shifted from “minimalist design to something more streamlined and slick”. “It comes down to those little details being unique, more premium, more quality” – a status symbol of good taste.

Roberta also highlights materiality as being a major focus, with a mix of natural materials (like timber) and neutral tones finding popularity within multi-residential projects. “Interiors have become quite textured and layered,” she comments. “People are looking for really homey, textured, touchy-feely spaces. It’s about the experience.”

Layering and texture can be brought in through those finer details, she says. “A tile can be textured, a handle can add another layer of texture.”

When it comes to selecting architectural door furniture, Roberta looks for a solution that speaks to the overall design concept. “Novas have a good range that can help define the overall quality and look – and even colourways with black, white and different metal finishes.”

Roberta likens designing an interior to assembling a good outfit. “You get dressed up, you add a belt, a necklace, other jewellery – you start layering up. Like fashion, interiors too, become more interesting and textural with layering.”

Among Rothelowman’s most recent projects is Brass House, a boutique development of 30 – 40 apartments; and Latrobe Tower which features 200+ apartments. Both are excellent examples of Rothelowman’s detailed approach to multi-residential design and, we’re proud to say, feature Novas Architectural products throughout.

Browse the Novas Architectural range, click here.

Explore recent projects from Novas Interiors, click here.

Image: Brass House, courtesy of Rothelowman







Novas Interiors wishes you all a wonderful Christmas, after a very busy and fruitful year!

December 2015


Xmas - web


It’s been a year of big developments for the construction and design industry and we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. It’s been our highlight this year, to help bring your developments and design projects through to completion.

A big focus for 2015 has been the launch of Novas Interiors, which brings together Novas Group of Companies’ many products and services into tailored contractual packages that are streamlined, quality consistent and industry competitive. Our purpose here is to make your jobs easier on those large, complex projects that face multiple time and budget constraints.

Over the year we’ve continued to develop and refine our offering and one of our top highlights has been the growth of our Novas Luxe luxury bathware brand. We pride ourselves on being flexible and responsive to complex project needs, unique design visions, emerging trends and new directions and look forward to working with you on developing exciting new bathware products that respond to this.

In 2016 we’ll be celebrating our 20th anniversary – a big achievement for any company working in such a changeable and challenging industry. We’ve loved every minute of the last two decades and are using this milestone year to continue to grow and expand our business, to better serve yours. Expect great things to come – including more focused regional support (with the imminent opening of our new Perth showroom), and more exciting product and service offerings.

Our greatest achievement continues to be our strong relationships with industry, based on mutual respect, loyalty, and most importantly reliability! We look forward to continuing this in the new year.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and see you in 2016!

From, the team at Novas.





Elenberg Fraser is the firm behind some of Australia’s most exciting multi-residential and mixed-use developments. Recently they worked with Novas to custom design a door hand for EQ in Melbourne.

December 2015

The first slivers of EQ’s custom designed glass sheet façade have finally been revealed and everyone is excited – not least of all Elenberg Fraser Associate, Jeremy Schluter.

“Working in Elenberg Fraser’s studio environment, you get the reward of seeing the stuff you do at the front of the project, but also as it comes to life,” he says, referring to EQ’s first two levels of glass which can now be seen, peeking below the building’s scaffolding.

For EQ, a super tower of 633 apartments on A’Beckett Street in Melbourne’s CBD, Elenberg Fraser were acutely aware of the large scale of the project and looked to create some economies of scale within this. “We had an issue with new DDA requirements as part of the BCA,” says Jeremy, “so we specifically designed a door handle that both met these guidelines, allowing people with dexterity issues to turn the handle more easily, whilst also matching the building’s specific architectural aesthetic.”

Novas 3

Seeing this as an opportunity to put their ‘economy of scale’ ethos into practice, Elenberg Fraser worked with Novas to design a practical and very beautiful door handle for each of the 633 apartments.

It’s this bespoke detail that is exclusive to the development and “makes it feel unique, homely and highly resolved,” Jeremy comments.

Elenberg Fraser are really pioneering a new approach to multi-residential design. As Jeremy says: “We get the efficiencies of the buildings” – but never compromise on amenity and empathy for the end user and developer.

“Our buildings might appeal on the surface with interesting facades, but when you drill into the plans, they are highly evolved, intricately planned, and meticulously resolved in terms of storage, apartment depth and quality [of living].”

As EQ moves closer and closer to its completion in mid 2017, we can expect to see it grow ever more prominent on the Melbourne skyline.

Browse the Novas architectural range of door furniture, click here.

Images: Hero: EQ, courtesy of Elenberg Fraser; bottom left: Novas 33 Lever used by Elenberg Fraser; bottom right: custom designed lever by Elenberg Fraser







Novas Interiors’ Shawn Braganza discusses the super tower trend in Australia, and the importance of good relationships in the face of tight competition.

December 2015

Melbourne is well and truly in a multi-residential boom – and the super towers keep growing, says Shawn Braganza, Novas’ Commercial Manager for VIC, Tas and ACT.

The boom is at its height in Melbourne, with Sydney following closely behind. Canberra too, is experiencing new growth in the apartment sector – although the super tower trend, says Shawn, is really exclusive to Melbourne and Sydney.

Shawn, who has worked in the local commercial market for more than a decade, attributes the growth spurt, in part, to overseas investment. That, and the fact that “all the apartments are selling and there’s an appetite among home buyers and investors”, he says.

Shawn has worked with Novas since 2004, specialising in Novas’ flagship brands, Novas Architectural and Novas Luxe. “We offer our clientele ultimate flexibility thanks to our contractual package approach (through Novas Interiors).”

Shawn attributes the success of Novas Interiors to Novas’ diverse product offering and flexible operational model which focuses on “speed to action” and controlled, quality manufacturer.

Novas’ wholly owned manufacturing plant allows the Novas team to be in constant communication with their engineers and production experts. “We’re in contact with our own people on the ground working with the product, and we understand the full process,” comments Shawn.

Working across all levels of industry, from developers to construction and design, is a particular highlight for Shawn who believes in building strong relationships with industry, rather than simply “winning on price”.


“For us it’s always about the relationship with our customer – ensuring they get the best from us and that their loyalty is always repaid.”

Read more about Novas Interiors’ multiple contractual packages and streamlined project coordination, click here.

Contact Shawn to discuss your project needs, click here.


Luxestone 2


Novas Luxe’s new range of organically designed Luxestone basins and baths can bring any bathroom vision to life.

November 2015

With its clean lines, organic form and matt finish, the Luxestone range of basins and baths from Novas Luxe taps in to the growing trend for a natural look and feel in the bathroom.

Designed and produced in-house by Novas Luxe, Luxestone is made using an exclusive combination of quartzite and resin which, according to Novas Luxe managing director, Stuart Bevan, is “highly durable while also giving it a very organic look”.

The range of basins and baths is built around versatile, organic forms which are complemented by a creamy, natural colouring and matte finish.

Luxestone’s unique material composition, says Stuart, makes the range flexible to any bathroom style, tying in with popular natural materials such as stone tiles and timber finishes.




Stuart highlights the range’s soft, velvety feel. “When we recently displayed it, people loved to walk up and touch the Luxestone surfaces,” he says. This, combined with its creamy, natural tonal qualities, makes it a unique and versatile option.

The basins and baths are formed using injection moulding, meaning the possibilities for design, shape and form are endless, and the finished product always seamless.

“Luxestone is individual to the market, and an excellent alternative to standard ceramic or standard matt finish white solid surface materials,” says Stuart, pointing out the added benefit of it being a fingerprint-free surface.

Thanks to its material composition, the range is non-porous, UV-resistant and mould-resistant. “It’s also extremely economical,” points out Stuart, crediting this to Novas’s finely honed manufacturing operation and the fact the range is manufactured, in part, using recycled quartzite.

For more information Luxestone basins, click here – and baths, click here.






Novas Interiors’ 5 top projects from across Asia and the globe

October 2015

While we’ve been operating in Australia for 19 years, Novas is proud to have delivered on projects both in Australia and extensively abroad. From residential towers to museums, banks, hotels and more, here are five iconic projects across Asia and the globe which carry the signature stamp of Novas – through a diverse range of architectural hardware and luxury bathware products.

1. The Sails @ Marina Bay – Singapore

This breathtaking waterfront lifestyle condominium in Singapore features a sculpted glass façade that appears like a sail. It sits within the dress-circle of Singapore’s most famous landmarks, including Suntec City, Telok Ayer Market, Marina Bay Sands and more. Developed by City Developments Limited and AIG Global Real Estate, and designed by NBBJ.

Old Bank of China 2

3. Bank of China – Shanghai, China

Located at No. 23 on the famous Bund strip in Shanghai is the Bank of China Building, (not to be confused with its sister tower which features in Mission Impossible III). Inhabited by Bank of China since the early 20th Century, Novas worked with Shanghai Building Company on the refurbishment of this stunning building.


5. Chatrium Hotel Riverside – Bangkok, Thailand

This 5 star hotel, situated beside the famous Chao Phraya River, has won multiple hospitality awards. Its amenities include six restaurants and bars, a function room that can hold up to 700 people, a spa, fitness centre and more. A truly luxurious project located in Thailand’s capital.

Shuzou Museum, I.M. Pei, Shuzou, China, 2009, Oblique exterior elevation

2. Suzhou Museum – Suzhou, China

Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect I.M. Pei in association with Pei Partnership Architects, the Suzhou Museum specialises in ancient Chinese art, paintings, calligraphy and more. It’s considered to be one of the architect’s most memorable works – merging traditional Chinese architecture with contemporary design approaches.

The Pearl Qatar

4. Viva Bahriya, The Pearl Project – Qatar, UAE

It’s exciting to say that Novas can be found in one of the UAE’s most iconic community developments. Described as Qatar’s “Venice-like community”, The Pearl Qatar is an artificial island spanning almost 4 million square metres. This island precinct includes numerous residential buildings, including the Viva Bahriya Towers, one of which features Novas product!


Like what you see? Click here to browse through the Novas Architectural’s project pages and discover recent Novas projects, or click here to contact us today about your project needs.

Image 2: Getty Images; Images 2 & 4: Shutterstock; Image 5: Courtesy of the Chatrium Hotel


Promenade Sydney


Promenade in Parramatta, Sydney, is an impressive face-lift for one of Sydney’s oldest suburbs

October 2015

Parramatta’s newest multi-residential complex, Promenade, is already changing the face of this long-standing Sydney precinct. “Parramatta is fast becoming the [new] centre of Sydney,” says Darren Jarrett, Novas Interiors’ Business Development Manager for NSW. “It’s home to a diverse, multi-cultural community and is set to become the hub of Sydney.”

Developed by Starryland with construction by ProBuild, Promenade (Stage 1) is a complex and extensive development. It comprises over 270 apartments in four buildings ranging from three to 11 storeys. Novas Interiors was heavily involved in Stage 1, tendering for – and winning – a vast number of products and services through its contractual package offer.

“Thanks to our excellent relationship with ProBuild, we were able to offer a contractual package of diverse products and services,” says Darren. That package encompassed hardware from Novas Architectural, shower screens for all bathrooms and ensuites from Novas Glass, all kitchen splashbacks from Novas Glass, and installation of all accessories using Hybrid Building Services.

“From our client’s point of view, the advantage of working with Novas Interiors is that it cuts down the amount of people they have to deal with, as it all comes from the one office, (that is, Novas Interiors),” says Darren.

“It was all centralised and they could deal directly with us for all matters concerning hardware and glass. It minimalised their efforts.”

ProBuild can attest to the ease and quality involved in sourcing multiple products and services through Novas Interiors. “There is consistency there,” says ProBuild Senior Contracts Administrator, Osama Swed. “Novas Interiors gave us a [solution] that was competitive.”

With two more stages still to role out, the transformation of Parramatta is not yet over. What will Promenade have in store for us in Stage 2? Watch this space!

Image: Promenade Sydney, courtesy of ProBuild








Novas Interiors launches in WA, bringing its unique contractual package offering to the Perth market – with projects already in the pipeline.

October 2015

Novas Interiors WA Manager, Callum Coats is excited about the possibilities for Novas in the Perth market. The brand has been present in Western Australia for some time, but 2015 marks the beginning of Novas’ presence in Perth as a direct service to architecture and construction professionals.

With the launch of Novas Interiors in WA, industry professionals now have full access to Novas’ commercial scheduling service – and Novas can service projects across a wider array of categories. In WA the demand for Novas has traditionally centred around education and health sector projects, but now, says Callum, Novas’ clients can source a diversity of products and services for mixed use residential projects as well.

“Perth is a fast developing city,” he says, “the shift towards inner city living is certainly on trend here and in Perth we’re seeing more mixed use residential development closer to town and along the public transport corridors.

“With the Novas Group of Companies we have a number of brands which we offer a packaged approach for, so, instead of specifying just one item of hardware, you can add sanitaryware, glass and glazing, using a single source ­– that is, Novas Interiors.”

Callum, who has a long history of working with architectural hardware, champions Novas’ unique approach to products. “For Novas the thing that’s most impressive is that it’s all our own product. We are the manufacturer and the quality of our product is second to none.”

Novas Interiors’ full suite of products and services is already available to the Perth market, with a Novas flagship showroom set to open on Stirling Highway in Claremont, early next year.

And Novas has already delivered on some major projects in the city, including Regatta Apartments developed by Celsius Property (pictured here), and the newly completed The Pocket Claremont from Georgiou Living.

“Our move into Perth is part of Novas’ national strategy,” notes Callum. “We’ve already implemented this on the east coast of Australia, with great success. Going forward, in Perth, we’re really focused on delivering the Novas Interior’s contractual package to clients across Mixed Use Residential, Education and Health sectors.”

Contact Callum today to speak about your Perth projects.

Image: Regatta Apartments supplied by Novas Interiors, Architect: Motus Architects, Builder: Absecon Builders.









Embrace the art of colour with Novas Luxe’s DuoTone™ range of bathware.

October 2015

When Novas Luxe developed its DuoTone™ range of bathware, it was with the intention of bringing colour and finish into play – in the most distinctive and innovative of ways.

Developed and manufactured by Novas Luxe, the DuoTone™ range introduces colour into the bathroom through coordination of dual tone bathware items including toilets, tapware, basins and accessories.

Tapping in to the ever-growing popularity for black in the bathroom, Novas Luxe has just recently launched the Bella and Amore Black Toilet range– giving industry professionals the opportunity to make a bold and striking colour statement with one of the bathroom’s most essential items.

Embracing the art of colour, the range also combines the glamour of high-polished chrome with on-trend colour finishes. Paying homage to the strength of black and white in the bathroom, DuoTone™ is currently available in striking combinations of chrome with black, and chrome with white.



Adding that extra touch of personality, the chrome when coupled with a unique tone, takes on a hint of colour, making no two finishes the same. It’s the perfect way to bring colour into your bathroom, in a refined and considered way – while also adding a touch of flair.

Specialising in luxury bathware, Novas Luxe produces bathware products and concepts that respond to a space’s holistic design vision. Novas Luxe provides our design and construction clients with a highly responsive service that taps in to key trends as they emerge across the globe. Refined design and sophisticated styling ensure products continue to reflect both quality and longevity in their manufacture.

The DuoTone™ bathware range is set to take pride of place in the upcoming series of Channel 7’s House Rules – scheduled to air in early 2016. Stay tuned for the new season of House Rules, featuring the DuoTone™ basin, Bella Black toilet and Tonica tapware range.

Browse the Novas Luxe collection of bathware, click here.

Pictured top left, Colori tap; top right, Bella black toilet.





Industry chat

Novas Interiors’ Beverley Meagher talks design intent and quality service that is unsurpassed in the industry

September 2015

As the saying goes, there’s no ‘I’ in team, and it’s due to our amazing team that we’re able to provide that consistent high quality service and current industry knowledge to our clients across multiple sectors of development, construction and design.

We pride ourselves on our team and we’re excited to introduce you to the people behind the Novas brand.

A champion of Novas Luxe bathware and Novas Interiors, Marketing Manager and Business Development Manager, Beverley Meagher, believes that it takes a particularly innovative product or service to meet design intent and provide a point of difference.

“Novas Luxe bathware is an amazing addition to Novas’ product offer,” she notes, highlighting the brand’s ability provide on-trend and coordinated packages that allow for a seamless blending of aesthetic and function across any luxury bathroom environment.

A trained interior designer, product development specialist and a past business owner, Beverley appreciates the importance of quality, innovation and design precision.

“I ran my own interior design business before venturing into product development and management within the laminate/timber industry,” recounts Beverley. “Having that design background gives me a unique understanding of the expectations and attention to detail required in a commercial building environment.”

In an industry that is in constant need of quality service and true innovation in products, Beverley says she is really passionate about the Novas Interiors brand and the level of service the business can provide. Its multiple contractual packages bring together Novas’ diverse product and services offering, while also offering the advantages of streamlined project coordination through a single supplier.

“Novas Interiors is backed by an extraordinary team who are driven by a common goal to grow and succeed through great service and high quality product,” she says.


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Design of the Month: Novas ArmorTec™

Novas ArmorTec™ 7 year warranty sets the standard for this cutting-edge applied finish

September 2015


The black and white trend has been highly popular in Europe and continues to filter into interior design specifications throughout Australia. Recognising early on that black/white would become a leading and enduring trend, Novas sought to develop an applied finish that would offer customers a superior alternative to lesser quality powdercoat colour finishes, with the added advantage of a seven year warranty. The result is Novas ArmorTec™.

Manufactured by Novas using cutting edge technology, Novas ArmorTec is a revolution in applied finishes for architectural door furniture. “We apply the same technology used in the automotive and golf equipment industry to our applied finishes, meaning Novas can offer a highly superior coated finish,” says Novas Interiors Marketing Manager, Beverley Meagher.

“This world leading technology has allowed us to develop a durable finish that can be warranted for seven years, unlike powdercoat finishes which are easily chipped and scratched,” she says.


Novas ArmorTec has achieved a ‘Very High’ C8 corrosion resistance rating in accordance with AS4145-3.9.1. Available in Matte Black and Matte White, Novas ArmorTec provides uncompromising quality in colour and finish.

“Novas is highly responsive to relevant and lasting design trends, and driven by the direction set by our architecture and design clientele,” says Beverley.

“Already we’re seeing ArmorTec™ leading in applied finishes, providing architecture and design customers with the inspirational colour solutions and quality finishes that are so highly in demand.”

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Novas congratulates the winners of the 2015 MBAV Awards

August 2015

Rachael Sargent, ISIS Group Australia and Todd Foster, Novas Interiors

Commendations in this year’s MBAV Excellence in Construction Awards. The award winners were announced on Friday evening, 14 August, and celebrated by a crowd of 690+ attendees who gathered for the grand gala event at Crown Palladium in Melbourne.

This year Novas Interiors is extremely proud to have supported the MBAV awards as the official Sponsor of the Commercial Buildings $3m-$5m category, won by Isis Group Australia for the Mitcham Hospital Expansion. The Special Commendation for this category was won by Project Group Construction for Coppersmith Hotel South Melbourne.

The MBAV is a key supporter of the Victorian construction industry and it’s a privilege to be involved in this year’s awards. As a 2015 awards sponsor, this marks the first step in our mission to give back to our industry and acknowledge the outstanding achievements of the community that has supported us over the 19 years we have been in business.

Ben Lumb, Project Group Construction and Todd Foster, Novas Interiors

We greatly admire the role MBAV plays in the wider industry, actively engaging with their sponsors to facilitate growth and opportunity within the construction community. And we look forward to 2016, Novas Interiors’ 20th anniversary year and to our continued support of this prestigious event.

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Images: Courtesy of MBAV, pictured left – Novas Interiors’ Todd Foster presents MBAV winning category award to Rachael Sargent of ISIS Group Australia;
Right – Todd Foster presents Special Commendation to Ben Lumb of Project Group Construction


Introducing Novas Interiors

A single source for all your building and specification needs.

August 2015


Developers, builders and designers can now coordinate their projects from specification right through to completion using Novas Interiors. Unique within the Australia construction and design industry, Novas Interiors enables industry professionals to source and coordinate a diversity of products and services for their complex projects using a single supplier.

Operating across all levels of industry, Novas Interiors brings together Novas Group of Companies’ (NGC) diverse portfolio of products and services to deliver large, complex projects on time and within budget. This has enabled us to showcase our manufacturing capabilities and high standards of quality and design.

Servicing a broad range of commercial and high-density residential projects across Australia, Novas Interiors brings together the full NGC portfolio of Novas Architectural, specialising in door furniture and door operating systems; Novas Luxe, supplying luxury bathware for contemporary living environments; Novas Glass, supplying a versatile range of glass fittings and panels; and Hybrid Building Services, providing experienced project management in the supply and installation of commercial glazing products


“With Novas Interiors our clients have unprecedented access to NGC’s full stable of products and, through multiple contractual packages, gain the full benefit of streamlined project coordination, consistency in design quality and a highly competitive offer,” says Novas General Manager, Todd Foster.

Novas Interiors currently operates across mainland states of Australia. Contact us today to discuss your project needs.


Prima Pearl

Melbourne’s most iconic residential development unveiled

Aug 2015


Novas Interiors is proud to be associated with one of Melbourne’s most iconic and prestigious residential developments, Prima Pearl. Newly completed, the project transcends its holistic design and dimension with an impressive facade that is a clear statement of its sophistication and elegance.

Novas Interiors’ long standing and valued relationship with PDG was paramount to the selection of high quality finishes for the development’s premium living environments, and culminated in Novas Architectural’s Signature Design option being utilised by PDG’s design team throughout the project.

Prima Pearl is the second tallest residential tower in Melbourne, comprising two lobbies, 57 levels of residential apartments and two levels of amenities. It has achieved almost universal recognition among local residents for its elegant, curved bronze façade.

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The Novas #31 Polished Stainless Steel Lever was carefully selected by PDG to provide the premium quality and level of luxury so highly sought after by their clientele. Novas Luxe Signature bathroom accessories were selected for the seamless design and feel that PDG required. As a result, both the architectural and bathware finishes speak to the sophistication and elegance of the development and its holistic design approach.

“Prima Pearl is the result of a particularly inspired design vision from PDG and Schiavello and, thanks to Novas’ expert product and project coordination, we’ve been able to see that vision through to completion,” says Novas General Manager, Todd Foster.



Novas Interiors is privileged to support the charity work being done by two of our highly regarded clients, Ecove and Parkview. Their support of Sick Kids in the Community is outstanding.

Novas Interiors works closely with both Ecove and Parkview on their developments, with Opal Tower and Australia Tower being two most recent additions to our project portfolio to be supplied by Novas Interiors.

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Channel 7 have just completed filming the bathroom selection episode for the 2015 House Rules TV program at the Adelaide store showcasing the LUXE range of products and second to none customer service we offer. The program will air nationally in early 2015.

Look forward to watching Amber the star of the Adelaide store on TV…!

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Chain Reaction

Dec 2014


Coming from a cycling background and being invited onto the Chain Reaction Charity ride I was sue that physically I could cover 1000km in 7 days with 10,000 plus vertical meters of climbing in Tasmania in March this year. The course was extremely challenging with some days basking in hot sun and others freezing in the cold of Cradle Mountain. However, within two days of being on the ride my eyes opened to a group of people that simply see helping children in need as the greatest contribution they can make to the wider community.

James Monahan
Development Manager, Icon Developments


The charity raises money for Very Special Kids and the Starlight Foundation and has delivered over $10m prior to this year’s ride. My previous fundraising hasn’t been great, so this was my challenge to raise over $5000. Asking for money is hard, yet when you see the results and the benefits going directly to the two charities I had no issues relaying the message and raising over $7,500 before and during the ride. There were 45 riders this year, and with their own efforts and company corporate sponsorships Chain Reaction 2014 has a record year of raising $1.1m in Victoria alone. To say my understanding of charity fundraising has changed would be an understatement and, having the support of companies like Novas along the way certainly made the hard pedal strokes easier on the road.



Nov 2014


Chris Exner
Senior Associate, Rothe Lowman Architects

Novas Luxe is proud to be involved and support Movember. We share the vision to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health and have been privileged to sponsor Chris Exner, Senior Associate at Rothe Lowman Architects in this amazing journey through Movember and congratulate Chris on achieving donations of $3,375.

Stunning effort and one great MO!!!


Luxury & Sophistication



LUXEstone basin and Matt Black Matrix mixer showcase luxury and sophistication so sought after in living environments.

Inspirational designs that embrace the holistic approach to living environments drive Novas Luxe. Our product designs integrate a consistent look that meshes well aesthetically as well as functionally. Our design team work with materials such as LUXEstone which are sustainable and design environmental friendliness into products being developed.



Oct 2014


Novas Architectural inspire colour direction with the launch of Novas ArmorTec™ UM coated finishes available in Matt Black and Matt White.

Novas ArmorTec™ is a revolution in applied finishes for architectural door furniture and is protected by a 7 year warranty and a ‘Very High’ C8 corrosion resistance rating in accordance with AS4145-3.9.1. Novas ArmorTec™ won’t chip on leading edges, is significantly more durable than powder coated finishes and will give an uncompromised colour and finishes design to your project.

For your next statement in style, specify Novas ArmorTec™ with confidence.


On trend Matt finishes in Black or white

Registered & exclusive to Novas Architectural

Will not chip on leading edge

Quality stainless steel base material

High wearability

Very high C8 corrosion resistance

7 year warranty against defects


Indesign Competition

at Galleria – Aug 2014

Congratulations to the winners of our Novas Luxe launch competition.

Major Prize – Mini Ipad

Ruth Hocking
Mills Gorman Architect

Geraldine Lewis
Geyer Design

2nd Prize – Frank Lloyd Wright pictorial book

Lisa Lee
JPE Architects

Tika Santosa
Scott Penn Hall Architects

Anita Kane
Corben Architects


Design of the Month

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